What to bring in your luggage?

  • We recommend you bring waterproof sports shoes and something to protect your photo camera from water splashing since in your visit to the Waterfalls humidity is always present.
  • Bring insect repellent
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Swimsuits
  • Flip-flops
  • Walking boots
  • A raincoat
  • An umbrella
  • Sunglasses

Methods of payment

We accept US Dollars, Reales and Argentine Pesos.

What has to be declared at Customs when you cross the border?

All the imported objects you carry in your luggage such as your photo camera, video camera, laptop computer have to be declared and shown to Customs Officers and recorded on form OM 121. This will avoid the payment of duties on imported goods by the travelers on their return to the country.

Which objects cannot be taken across the border?

Firearms cannot be taken across the border without the necessary licence from the National Registry of Weapons (Renar) or goods prohibited for export for reasons of public security, National Defense, public health.
You cannot take out of the country amounts higher than US Dollars 10,000 unless the transaction is made through a financial or a foreign exchange entity and with the corresponding authorization.
Minors under 16 not emancipated can only take a maximum of USD 5000. Argentine Pesos are excluded from this restriction. However, when the total amount to take out of the country equals or is higher than the equivalent to USD 10,000, they shall complete a form at Customs to declare it. For currency conversion, the sell rate set by Banco de la Nación Argentina the working day before leaving the country is applied.

Information to cross the border

  • - Argentine citizens: ID card. i.e. DNI, Cédula de Identidad from the Argentine Federal Police, Passport.
  • - Foreigners: to leave the country and to enter a border country, ask the corresponding consular authorities regarding visa requirements.
  • - Vehicles: Vehicles with more than six windows shall have the identification number engraved onto the windshield, the rear window and the biggest windows. Vehicles with fewer than six windows shall have all of them engraved. In Brazil, Paraguay or Uruguay the vehicle driver must have a valid Mercosur I.D., his driving licence and a document which identifies him as a tourist and is issued by the Migration authorities. He must also have a Mercosur certificate of the policy hired with the insurance company (in most of the companies it is done online).

IMPORTANT: All documentation must be VALID.


Besides the valid I.D. for the destination, minors need authorization to leave the country if they are under 18, Argentinean or foreigners who live in Argentina (with permanent, temporary or precarious residence) according to the following considerations:

  • If they travel with both their parents, parents must prove the bond showing the Marriage Book, Birth Record or Birth Certificate.
  • If the minor is travelling with only one parent, besides proving the filiation condition with one of the above mentioned documents, the parent must have the authorization of the absent parent.
  • Authorizations must be granted indistinctly by: family judges, authorities of the Civil Registry, Notaries Public or Argentine consuls in the foreign country.
  • When only the maternal or paternal filiation appears in the birth certificate (of the parent who accompanies the minor), it is enough to show such certificate.
  • In all cases the Marriage Book, Birth Record or Birth Certificate are valid regardless of its date of issuance, as long as they are in good conditions.
  • If the minor is a child of a minor not emancipated, only a judge can authorize the exit, even when one of the parents has reached the age of majority (in this case the judge authorizes the minor father/mother). Exceptionally, this can be requested at the National Office of Migration located at Ezeiza Airport when they are leaving from there and presenting all the documentation required to such effects.

In all cases, all persons must show at Migration control a valid I.D., documentation which proves the bond or the express authorization, original and a copy duly authenticated.

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